3. Feb, 2019

Tyred out and Freezing in Fawkham

I’m over in Kent again for a short trip to try to claim a few challenge and mystery caches. I’ll be glad when we get back to some early dawns so I can get more time in over here. However, there had been a lot of snow over our side of the river and I hoped that it would be easier over on this side. Here’s how the morning went.

I found the Try Cycling Again mystery, a trad, the 400 Trackables challenge and a mystery based on the original Electric Light Orchestra before coming over to Fawkham. I was looking for somewhere to park near the start of the footpath but I overshot and had to drive on and turn round. I remember driving over some lumps of ice whilst turning and the tyre pressure alarm came on.🤬 I couldn’t see a problem so went back to where I needed to park. The tyres looked ok so I decided to check out some more caches🤫

The track was covered in snow but I found the Kent Bronze Challenge and then the Church Micro Challenge (Numbers) before turning back to the car. The tyres still looked alright so I decided to continue for a couple more. I followed the footpath for some distance until I got to the Silver and then the Kent Gold Award. Now I really had to think about heading for home.

All the tyres were still inflated when I got back to the car. However, the air pumps at every garage I stopped at were out of order and every tyre shop this side of the tunnel was closed. I got back to my local garage and it seems that the cold weather had set off the alarm. The tyres were fine.🤔

1 Trad 7 Mystery