5. Feb, 2019

Fortie Sortie Sorted

I have been looking at a challenge cache called the Forty Sortie. The requirement is to find 40 mystery caches in a day. I found a series near Eynsford in Kent which consisted of 60 mysteries plus a bonus. A couple had been archived but I had been solving the puzzles in this series for some time. However when I heard that the whole series were soon to be archived, I made a special effort to solve the remainder.

I contacted the CO to make sure that they were still in place and set off early in the morning to have a crack at the whole serIes. All the caches were 3/3s and relatively easy to find. The CO also gave me permission to claim any that were missing.😀

In the middle of the series was St Mary the Virgin at Woodlands. This Church Micro was the only trad of the day.

1 Traditional 56 Mystery