9. Feb, 2019

Noah’s Ark All Aboard

I had spent a day over here in the week walking the Cool Cuban Spirit series but I couldn’t get the coords for the bonus. Luckily I had some help with these so I was back over here today to find this cache and complete the series. It was rather galling to find that I had parked next to the cache all day.🤬 I would start with this one and carry on with a series nearby in Noah’s Ark. Here’s how the morning went.

I found the Bonus and then drove the short distance down to Kemsing. I parked up in the free car park and quickly worked out the coords for the Noah’s Ark #1 multi. I found the Well is Willing trad on the way to #1 and then picked up all the others up to the bridge across the motorway. I found #6 and then spent a lot of time negotiating my way across the waterlogged fields to get to #7. I crossed the railway line and walked down the lane to #8 and #9. I then turned north picking up #10 before eventually finding the Noah’s Ark mystery.

I came up here via the Fine Pair multi where I failed. Maybe it was because I felt that I was being spied on. 🤔 The final one of the day was the very well hidden Letterbox at #11. I will have to return here soon.😀

2 Multi 2 Mystery 5 Letterbox 5 Traditional