12. Feb, 2019

I Got A Message From The Queen

I am back in town for a full day’s caching with a long list of opportunities. Over the past few weeks, I have been working my caching path further west and today my starting point is Holborn Kingsway. Here’s how the day went.

I had breakfast in a cafe just round the corner from the Special Stones Earthcache. After examining those, I walked up to find the cunningly placed Gingy trad. I followed up with the Freemasons Hall mystery and then worked my way through the alleys to The Dancer multi.

I spent some time at the Ghost Hospital multi in Edgell Street and walked up to the British Museum trad. I found the information to claim two Earthcaches around Bloomsbury and then I went after the SideTracked in Goodge Street. Once I had success, I found a way to cross the Euston Road to solve the elusive Speedy’s Secret trad.

I double tracked back over the road and had a really quick find of the SideTracked cache in Warren Street. I came down for the classic view of the BT Tower and also took in the trad. I walked up to the nearby Church Micro multi and after solving this one, dropped down into Fitzrovia for the elusive Fitzrovia trad.

I visited UCH for the magnificent Monolith and Shadow Earthcache and then found my way to the trad in Malet Street at the entrance to UCL. After visiting the My Favourite Street cache , I continued down into Soho Square for the Underground trad. Walking down to this one, I realised that I was in familiar territory.

In the sixties, I used to walk through St Ann’s Court to get to to the Intrepid Fox pub in Poland Street for a few beers before going into The Marquee club. The calibre of bands were such as Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Ten Years After. Fifty years on I can still feel the buzz and atmosphere of the place. I am so lucky to have been around in those days.🤔 Back in those days, St Anne’s Court was full of strip joints and seedy cinemas but enough of that.

I found the nearby West End - The Beatles trad and then the Catastrophe Virtual in Poland Street before continuing on my reminiscing around Soho. I walked on to solve the Church Micro multi bordering Wardour Street and Dean Street before sorting out the well placed Emmanuelle trad.

I was now out of the less than salubrious Soho and strolling down Piccadilly towards the high class jewellers. I was able to find the source info for the Posh Rocks Earthcache and then walked down to St James’s for the Helical Ridge Earthcache. This was a splendid example of its type and I was really pleased to spend time here.

Ask the Queen was the one on my list. After she had texted me back with the coords and I had found the well concealed cache, I came down into Westminster for the Chapel trad, one of the London Rainbow virtuals and the Charnockite Earthcache. I carried on picking off trads around the area collecting Channel 4, the Cache Cab and Christchurch Garden before grabbing the clever Thai Elephant multi.

It took me some time to gather the information for the Westminster Cathedral Church Micro multi but I got there in the end. This one was to be my last one for the day. It as a very busy area with lots of tourists posing for photos, in fact, I had to ask a chap to move so I could use the phone.😀 The cache was quickly found and after I’d signed the paper work, I replaced the cache exactly where I found it. Now it’s time for home.

1 Mystery 2 Virtual 7 Earthcache 8 Multi 16 Traditional