19. Feb, 2019

The Fortunes of War

The Fortune Of War was a decent pub on the A127 in Laindon. In the good old days, it was a grand watering hole for all the beano charabancs coming out of London on their way to the Golden Mile in Southend. It even appeared in an episode of Z Cars, a 60s police drama which was actually based in Liverpool. Work that one out! The A&R man must have been a local to have known about this good old boozer. Anyway as time went on, the draw of Southend as a beano venue reduced and with pubs falling out of favour, it was probably only the Blues Club on a Saturday afternoon that drew the punters in. Inevitably, the place closed down and is now covered by a housing estate.

I had ideas of putting a Lost Pubs series cache there but someone beat me to it recently and placed a trad down. I passed by the other day and quickly found the cache and added it to my tally. It also got me reminiscing.🤔

1 Traditional