24. Feb, 2019

Fog Bound in Swanscombe

I needed to get out caching today and had planned a couple of hours early on over in Swanscombe by the Thames in North Kent. However at 0600, the fog was really thick in my part of Essex but it was sure to be ok in Kent, wouldn’t it.🤔 Here’s how the day went.

I found the Church Micro mystery in Swanscombe and then the 2000 in a year and something else challenge. This was a 5/5 challenge where the task was to find, yes you’ve guessed it 😀 and then complete at least 5 out of 10 tasks. I had to work hard for this one and this is how I qualified :-

I found over 2000 caches in 2015, 2016, 2017and 2018

I filled my D/T grid

I found over 500 multis

I found caches on 184 days continuously

I found over 500  unknown caches

I have completed my 366 days grid 

I found 20 multis in a day

I found over 40 unknowns in a day

I found over 500 trackables

I have cached in over 20 countries 

Coming back down to earth, I dipped out at the Really SideTracked at Southfleet mystery and the Factory Club trad on the way to Swanscombe Marshes. I had done some of this series earlier on this year but dipped on a couple and wanted to make amends. I parked up the top of Lower Road and entered the marshes via the footpath.

It was so foggy here, I had great expectations of Magwitch looming out of the gloom.😀 I had found #19, #13 and then the elusive #12 before retracing my steps back to #13. I then carried on down the track to find #14, fail at #15 and then got back on track by finding the splendid caches (see the photo) at #16, #17 and #18. There were two caches at the start of the series that had previously eluded me so I wanted to try for these.

I parked up as near as I possibly could to #4 and quickly found the well hidden cache wondering where I had gone wrong last time. I reckoned that I had enough time to get up to #1 and back in the time that I had available so I whizzed along the river path up to the search area. The fog still had not lifted and I could only see a couple of yards onto the low tide mud. There were a couple of Brent Geese feeding on the mud. Perhaps they had also got lost in the fog as they should have been with the others feeding on the eel grass off Leigh Beck. 🤔 I quickly found the clever cache, which had been missing in action last time, signed the log sheet and then replaced the cache as I had found it.

2 Mystery 9 Traditional