26. Feb, 2019

A Slave to St Olave

I’m back for another day’s slog around town. I have my long list of possible caches to hand and I’m raring to go. The day didn’t get off to a great start though. For the second week running, I stood outside St Olave’s near Fenchurch Street Station waiting to enter the church when it opened at nine to glean the answers to claim the virtual. However, again, it didn’t open.🤬 I gave it twenty minutes and gave up.

I set off over to the south side via Tower Bridge and followed the GPS along the river bank until I got down to the HMS Belfast trad. I walked along the river bank sussing out Hay’s Galleria on the way. I couldn’t go for it unfortunately as the tide was out.

I moved on to the New Globe and cracked the Barred by the Bard multi before walking down into Southwark for the Church Micro multi. I quickly sorted out the coords and soon found the very cleverly hidden cache.

I walked back over the river as I had one more cache to find around St Paul’s Cathedral. I had to paid the hefty entrance fee to climb up to the Whispering Gallery (see the phot, to sort out the Virtual but on reflection, it was well worth the money especially the trip around the Crypt.

On exiting the Cathedral, I jumped a 15 bus, which was a vintage RMT double decker, to take me up to the Fine Pair multi in Fleet Street and then I got another to take me close to Westminster for a series of Earthcaches.

I discovered the finer properties of Slate and then Feldspar before learning about Pagans in Parliament Square before crossing off the Earthcaches at the Abbey and St James’s tube station. I came round to this delightful piece of memorabilia for the “to the spoils” multi. When I got to the search area, I had a quick find of the well hidden cache despite the close attention of the policemen in the two parked “Black Maria’s”.

I continued back down Victoria Street to the Trondhjemite Earthcache and then up to Westminster Cathedral Earthcache. The inside of the Cathedral was amazing. There were so many varieties of marble here, it was almost impossible to comprehend it all. Once I was able to drag myself out of there, I walked down to the trad in Victoria Square, which proved to be my final cache of the day.

1 Virtual 2 Traditional 4 Multi 7 Earthcache