3. Mar, 2019

Four Days in Budapest

We are in Budapest for four days and I have a short list of “must do” caches. Number one on my list is Airport in the Forest trad, out of town way up in the hills. I also want to add a mystery, multi and Earthcache to my list of Hungarian icons. Here’s how it all went.

On our first afternoon, I found the well placed trads at Váci Street #2 and the Serbian Church. The next morning, I had arranged an event and I got a chance to get out for an hour in the afternoon whilst the others were having a siesta.🤫 I tried to get the multi at the Chain Bridge but sadly I couldn’t find the cache in the search area. On the way back to the hotel, I came downto the river bank for the well hidden Danube Promenade 06 trad.

On the third day, I was after the highlight cache of the trip. I am trying to complete my Jasmer list. There aren’t many 07/2001 caches in Europe and this is probably the easiest to get at.🤔 I had to plan my journey to get here so got some info from the Tourist Office. It turned out that I could get free public transport which was handy. So just before dawn, I walked to the nearest metro and caught the train to Szell Kalman Square where I then caught the 51 tram up the end of the line at Huvosvolgy. Here is where I had to start walking. It took me about forty minutes to walk through the streets to the old airfield. I then carried on over the fields until I got to the footpath that would take me up the steep hill.

After I had find the old timer, I carefully worked my way down the hill picking up the Safety Cache BUD #2 trad. I found the LHHH trad on the way back across the field to the airfield buildings and the Waiting for an Airplane trad. I took the long walk from the airfield down to the main road and then found the Kossuth utca pekseg trad. 

Luckily it was downhill all the way from here to the tram terminus. I could see a 51 tram pulling out so thought that I would have enough time for the  Banffy Gyotgy emlepark trad. It was difficult to find the well hidden cache as the hint did not translate well for me. 🤔 

I travelled back into the Pest side of the city and walked down to the Shoes on the Danube mystery. This was a very sad place but I found the info that I needed and then the cache. It was now time to go back to the hotel for breakfast.

Later, we went over to the Castle district in Budapest and I took the opportunity to study the limestone in the St Matthias Church for the Earthcache. Later on in the afternoon, I had another hour to myself so I decided to grab a few more caches. I found the GBGA-02 trad on the way to the Houses of Parliament. I gathered enough here on the limestone to answer the COs questions for the Earthcache.

I was hoping to add a multi to my list of Hungarian icons having failed at the Chain Bridge yesterday. I put the record straight after finding the BoB III - Margot hid (reloaded) multi on St Margaret’s Island. I now turned to go back to the hotel and set off here for probably my last cache of this visit which was the Hungarian Houses of Parliament trad.

1 Event 1 Multi 1 Mystery 2 Earthcache 11 Traditional