8. Mar, 2019

A Big View on a Varied Day

I’d got a varied plan for today. I was going to start in Epping Forest looking for a Large cache hidden in 2003 for a challenge.šŸ¤” I would then drive up to Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire to tackle a couple of series set by ryo62 which would boost my tally of Beds caches for yet another challenge.

I picked up three caches in Epping Forest including the Big View trad which is a Large placed in 2003. Check out the big view over Waltham Abbey from the Big View. This one was the final cache that I needed for a challenge. I then set off round the M25 and up the A1. As I was driving through Steeple Morden, I saw the church and thought that I had reached my destination. As I stopped, I lost all my internet. I later found that any signal in this village is at a premium.

It turned out that I was in the wrong place. However, there was a coffee morning in the church! I had a great bacon roll and a coffee for the princely sum of £4. I also had a decent chat with a few people about caching, mountain walking and all sorts of stuff. When I left the gathering, I found some signal and then the tricky CM trad.

I drove up to Guilden Morden and found the CM trads at the Congregational and the St Mary’s Churches. After I had found the multis for the Village Sign and the War Memorial, I came up to Wrestlingworth and was lucky enough to get parked in the lay-by near to the start of the Walkabout series.

I had found all of the series except for the missing #8 before deviating for the Famous Resident mystery and the #115 Lay-by trad. I’d also failed to find the Cockayne Hatley VS trad.

I got back on track with the Walkabout series before deviating off course again for the Cockayne Hatley CM trad. I found all the rest of the series on the way to the Water Tower. Once I had found that well placed cache, I set off up the track for the short Water Tower Wander series. I retraced my steps back to the road and continued on the Walkabout series.

After getting up to #22, I had to deviate from my route for a short series of the Congratulations mystery caches. I was now working my way clock-wise on the Walkabout series. I’d found the “final” cache of the series, the “penultimate and then #23 so this was to be my last cache of the day. It couldn’t have come at a better time as the rain that had been threatening for most of the day had started to fall.ā˜¹ļø 

I found my final cache of the day and it was an interesting one. I could see that the stone covering the cache is being used as a Song Thrush’s anvil. This is the first time that I had ever seen this.šŸ˜€ I signed the log sheet and scooted off to the motor. This has been a great series, it was a pity that #8 was missing.

2 Multi 2 Letterbox 5 Mystery 34 Traditional