10. Mar, 2019

It’s Challenging In Snodland

I’m in Kent again early doors but in a part of the county that I hadn’t visited before. There were a few challenge caches here that I had qualified for but had been “waving” at me for too long. I could also fit a circular walk around them which went nicely in the time I had available. Here’s how the morning went.

I parked up in Westmead just as it got light and walked down to the “heartstones” trad but there was no joy there. I came back up and got on the slippy, slidy footpath and worked my way up to “SAS & A1” Letterbox. I had a quick find there and then crossed the railway line onto the reserve. I found the Physical Virtual Challenge and then the 15 European Countries Challenge. After that I quickly found the 8 Icon Challenge and then the 8 Icon (In A Different Country) Challenge. I crossed back over the railway line and carried on up the footpath to “the adams” trad. I was now working my way back towards the car.

I found the well placed “otfordstrollers” Letterbox by balancing on the top rail of a wooden bridge and then the “whitefriars” trad. I was very pleased to find the WW2 infantry pillbox hiding in the trees. It brought home the fact that this area would have been very vulnerable during the war.

After finding the “LVT” trad, I now had a clear view of the river to my left. It had been a fine morning up to now but the wind was getting really strong and a lot of the litter and debris was being moved around. I found the “JJB” Letterbox, the “dps gps”trad and then the “Sandra 123” trad. The wind speed was increasing so I was about to call it a day but decided on one more at the New Hythe SideTracked trad.

I checked my route home and found that the QE2 Bridge had been closed to traffic due to the high winds. It was going to be a difficult trip home.🤔

3 Letterbox 4 Mystery 6 Traditional