11. Mar, 2019

Wrestling for all it’s Worth

I’d had a good day up in this neck of the woods last Friday. I reckoned that I had some unfinished business around here especially if I wanted to get my tally of Bedfordshire caches to creep past fifty.🤫 I left early to miss the traffic and arrived here just after eight o’clock. I parked up near the Village Sign and discovered that I didn’t have a phone signal.🤔 This could be tricky. Here’s how the day went.

I walked up to the Take a Seat trad for a quick find, thanking myself that I had a preloaded list on my iPhone so at least I could get into the search area, even though I couldn’t read about any hints. As I was walking along the track out of town, I was noticing an interesting phenomenon. The further I was getting away from civilisation, the better, the phone signal.🤔 I couldn’t complain but were the locals happy with this? Now I was firing on “all cylinders” as I could access hints and logs.

The sun was out and it was pretty warm walking the quiet footpaths around here. I had had a busy morning so far. I had found all of the Wrestlingworth Waddle series and then all of the Wander series that were available plus a few mystery caches. I was now back in the village and so were my internet problems.

Luckily I got a signal at the church and had solved the Church Micro, the War Memorial and the Village Sign multis. I had to leave town for a while as I was hoping to get the local Wherigo on a milestone so I drove out to find a couple more of the Congratulations mysteries and then carried on into Dunton. I had found the well hidden Church Micro, failed at the Village Sign trad (although the sign itself was worth a visit) and then the Village Hall multi. I was working my way back to Wrestlingworth but had to stop off for the Church Micro and the Little Bridge caches in Eyeworth.

I was now on my way to Guilden Morden for a few more and had just found two more Congratulations mysteries. I then found a couple of the Giddy-Up series and continued down the track to the Little Bridges cache. This was my #8999 cache and I was now going back for the Wrestlingworth Wherigo. 

This was my first reverse Wherigo and I had to find out how to make it all work. I managed to sort out the numbers and punch them in. Amazingly, I got it right first time and started walking backwards and forwards trying to get the hang of things. I followed the “meter” and finally got into the search area. I soon had the well hidden cache in hand and after I had signed the log sheet, I put everything back as found.  

1 Wherigo 5 Multi 8 Mystery 36 Traditional