18. Mar, 2019

Another Challenging Day

I had qualified for a number of Challenge caches in Surrey and I wanted to boost my numbers of caches found in Surrey, to qualify for yet another challenge. Hold on, I have the perfect idea, let’s go down to Surrey for a day’s caching.😀 I started off early in order to miss the M25 traffic so here’s how the day went.

I had a good run down and parked up in the car park at All Saints Church In Lightwater. I found the 15 Counties in a Day Challenge and then walked up to pick up the Church Micro and the Village Sign trads. Two of these caches were 5/1 and 1/1 which part qualified me for the 3 Corners D/T Challenge cache near Dorking.

I drove down to Sutton Green for the Fortie Sortie Challenge cache and then into Southwater for a couple more challenges. I parked on the road and set off down the wet, muddy and very slidy footpath. It took me a while to negotiate some of the muddy sections, I wish that I had brought my wellies.I found the International Cacher Challenge (which as a 5/5 qualified me for the 3 Corners T/D challenge) and then continued down the track to Bobknot’s Milestone Challenge, which was the smallest ammo can that I’d ever seen. Once I was back on dry land, I quickly collected the nearby Welcome To Southwater trad.

I drove up the A29 and parked up to find the Bronze and Silver Well Rounded Cacher Challenges and added my name to the Gold log sheet until I qualify. I need ano CITO but there are not many about these days.🙁 I then drove right over to Langhurst Hill for the Five Counties Challenge.

Holmwood Common was my next target area as I had yet more challenges on my list. I parked up near the garage and set off into the woods. I could see that it was squelchy here so went back for my wellington boots. These woods were rich in high D/T trads so I thought that I would grab a couple whilst I was here. I found a few trads and then was after my main target for today. I was really pleased to find the 3 Corner D/T grid Challenge. I followed that up with the tricky 365 challenge and the Ten Year Seperation challenge.

I left Holmwood Common and drove up into Dorking for the 42 Degrees of Seperation challenge and the first one in the Terrain Challenge series. I was then after the rest of the series. I drove up to the National Trust carpark only to find that I didn’t have any change and that the ticket machine only took credit cards but not bank cards.🤯 I didn’t want to park without a ticket so I had to park next to the post box across the road.

I had to walk some distance to get down to the footpath for the rest of the series. I arrived at #5 and it took me some time to get the hang of it. Once I had cracked it, I continued down the track to #4.5 and then #3.5. It was getting close to home time so the rest of the series would have to wait. #4 was on my way back to the car and after I had clambered up to that one, it was back to the car and off to do battle with the M25.🤔 

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