29. Mar, 2019

Really Up West

I had another full day’s caching in London planned for today. I alighted the train at Fenchurch Street Station and set off round the corner to St Olave’s for the Virtual but yet again it was closed, it is ever open? Here’s how the rest of the day went.

I found the excellent London Livery multi in the City and then caught the tube way out west to Shepherds Bush. Once I had found the SideTracked mystery cache, I walked up to the glorious Hollands Park. I had never been here before but I had obviously heard about it. I quickly found the well placed HPD trad and carried on wandering around the busy park gathering info for the multi. I found the HPB trad and then walked down to the Design Museum to check out the plethora of amazing fossils in the facade of the building for the Earthcache.

I had gathered all of the information to work out the coords for the ???? What’s all this then multi and then found yesterday’s throw down cache and the real one. I then walked down to the HPD trad and continued down to the wonderful Onyx Earthcache sculpture.

I left Hollands Park and set off for the Charles Cavendish Letterbox. Once I finished there, I worked my way through unfamiliar streets to the Royal Oak SideTracked cache. I found the Paddington - St Mary Magdalen Church Micro and then the SideTracked - Warwick Avenue trads and worked my way over here to Little Venice.

I spent a lot of time here, sightseeing and looking for the trad here and then walked along the towpath towards Paddington Station. It took me a time to get from the canal up to the road to get the H&C SideTracked and then an age to find my way down to the nearby Little Bridges trad here of the road closures. This was another splendid part of the capital that I wouldn’t have visited but for geocaching.

I worked my was back up to the road and found the Paddington SideTracked cache and then walked on down into the terminus. I hadn’t been here for years. I found Paddington Dare Virtual and once I had the necessary info, I sent it off to the CO.

The next one on my list was the SideTracked over in Bayswater so I decided to get the tube over there. The cache was a long way from the station but I once I had found the well hidden cache, I was set for another long trek right across Kensington Gardens to this one. I hadn’t been to the Albert Memorial before and after I had taken a couple of photos for some German tourists, I set about gathering the information to fulfil the requirements of the virtual.

It was time to start thinking about going home and South Kensington was the nearest tube station so it would be daft not to collect the SideTracked trad. 😀 This was the last cache of the day.

1 Letterbox, 1 Mystery, 2 Earthcache, 2 Multi, 2 Virtual 13 Traditional