11. Apr, 2019

Cleaning Up In Greenwich

I’d been waiting to get back on to the Greenwich Peninsula to complete the Soup Challenge series. However some of these had been disabled due to building work but they were now back in play.šŸ˜€ I also wanted to find the last two of the I Love series. One of these was the I Love Wherigos but I had yet to qualify.šŸ¤” To finalise this one, I needed to find three Wherigos in a day but luckily there were five in Greenwich Park which was handy. After that I was going to work my way under the river into the Millwall Peninsula. Here’s how the day went.

I came out of North Greenwich Station and struggled to find my bearings for a while. However once I got on track, I quickly found the 5* Soup Challenge and then worked my way around the building work to get down to 4.5*, 4* and 3.5*.

I worked my way over to the west of the Peninsula to find the I Love Mysteries and I Love Wherigos caches. I carried on south and followed the river path until I got into Maritime Greenwich and finally got my hands on the St Alfege Wherigo cache. I was now on a Wherigo mission.šŸ¤” I found the Maritime Greenwich Wherigo and then the Greenwich Park and the Bonus Wherigos to finish the Wherigos challenge. I also found three trad caches nearby.

I caught a bus down to Blackheath Hill from the bottom of the Park to claim the D/T and the Sizes Golden Oldies Challenge caches and then walked back into Greenwich. It was time to leave this side of the river and work my way up into Millwall. I have always wanted to walk down Brunel’s pedestrian tunnel and the Earthcache down there gave me the perfect opportunity. I found time to take a rubbish photo of me down there. I also found the information from the wartime bomb damage in the tunnel to claim the Subterranean Sub-Aqua virtual before resting up with coffee and cake in the small cafe in Island Gardens.

I found the Island Gardens and the Old Millwall Fire Station trads in the Fast Walk but not a Sprint series and then visited the Cameron’s Cache trad only to find that it was the site where Brunel’s Great Eastern was built.šŸ˜€ I followed the road up to the Spaced Out and the Millwall Old Dock trads in the Fast Walk series and then wove my way through the docks to get down to the very clever Hercules multi.

This was the site of the first Lions Den ground of Millwall FC before they moved south of the river. I suppose back then the fans could walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the new ground. The site was then a huge rope making centre. Now it is just a quiet park.šŸ¤”

After success at the multi, I walked back to Millwall Outer Dock for a quick find of the well positioned trad. Whilst I was signing the log, I had to contend with a van driver trying to reverse into the parking space next to where I was standing but he was more interested in not denting his van than what I was doing. I put the cache back exactly where I found it and set off for another of the trads in the Fast Walk series. However the Park was fenced off so that was my lot for the day. Luckily I was near a DLR station so bye bye Millwall. šŸ‘‹.  

9 Traditional, 8 Mystery, 4 Wherigo, 1 Virtual, 1 Multi, 1 Earthcache