13. Apr, 2019

Trouble on Bridge

It’s early on Saturday morning and I’m hoping to get through the tunnel into Kent before six to get a few caches around Dartford. However, for some obscure reason the traffic on the QE2 Bridge was reduced to one lane instead of four, which held me up for an hour, even at this time of the mornin.🤯 So that was an hour’s geocaching gone.☹️ Here’s how the morning went.

I found the mystery caches at St Anselm’s, Holy Trinity and Christ Church in Dartford and then the Movember puzzle cache. This one was based on guessing a number of moustachioed celebrities and was a real git to extract from its lair.🙁 I drove down into Crayford to claim the Explorer 162 Challenge that had taken me ages to qualify for. All I had to find for this one was at least one cache from 162 grids on the 162 OS series.

I then drove down into Joydens Wood to find the **Coal Post 209** trad and then the **Church Micro** multi. Whilst I was in the vicinity, I also found the DEG RAD action and Chevron puzzle caches that I had solved at home.

I only had time for one more cache so decided to come over to the **1000 a year...and then something else** Challenge cache that I had recently qualified for. I have found over two thousand caches in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 so that qualified me for the first part and on July 3rd last year, I said that I would try to get to 500 multis found. I now have 565 so can claim the cache.👍🏻

It was time for home but when I got through the tunnel, I could see that there was only one lane open to traffic on the bridge going into Kent and it was chaos. I couldn’t get east onto the A13 so had to go west into Wennington and come back on myself to get home. However cache wise, I had had a great morning.

8 Mystery 1 Multi 1 Traditional