14. Apr, 2019

Celebrating Cockles

To celebrate the Carnival Cache series, Groundspeak had added a Creation Celebration Event with its own souvenir to round off the series. Evidently the reviewers were very exacting before allowing such an event to be held. Luckily a group of South Essex cachers had met the stringent criteria and the Cockleshell Cachers’ Creation Celebration event was to be held.😀

The event was held in the Leigh-on-Sea Sailing Club which was formerly the original Leigh-on-Sea railway station. It was a wonderful event and so much work must have been put into organising it. It was great to see some of the old faces, new faces and to finally meet up with cachers whose paths I should have crossed with before now.😀

Congratulations and many thanks to the organisers for arranging this event for us all to enjoy. They had also published a trad cache for us all to find before the event.

1 Event 1 Traditional