18. Apr, 2019

101 Not Out

As you know, I’m a bit of a challenge hound and am trying to get to my project.gc Bronze Black Belt award. If I gained one hundred caches in a day, that would give me ten points towards that and also qualify me for a couple of other challenge caches in Kent. 

I had recently come across the vast selection of caches set by ryo62 so looked for a long circular series that would help me achieve my target. I found the Letchworth Greenway Gallivant and thought it would be ideal. So I did my planning and had hoped to get one hundred and twenty caches on the day which would include a few caches off the route.

Unfortunately for the COs this is going to be a cut and paste log. I wish to thank them all for the caches that they have kindly put out for us and their constant maintenance duties. In the end, I bit off more than I could chew and ended up knackered at one hundred and one caches.

I drove the sixty miles up here from Essex in the dark and picked up my first cache at six ten and found the last one at three forty five. I now know that I deviated when I shouldn’t have but I may have got carried away.🤔 I walked twenty and a half miles which ain’t bad for a young seventy year old chap. However I did earn the belt.😀

Many thanks to everyone for the variety of caches that you have put out for us.👍🏻😀

101 Traditional