28. Apr, 2019

Welling With Pride

I’d promised myself a morning of Church Micro bashing over in Kent. I had a list of caches that I was after and I had planned an early start as I had to be home by ten. It was an easy passage over the bridge with little traffic slowing me down.

I started off in Welling and worked my way through all the CMs In town before moving on to Bostall Heath, a place that I’d never heard of before today. I passed through Belvedere and it’s district of Pantiles on the way to Bexleyheath. I’d only ever come across the name Pantiles once before and that‘s the remains of the old Pantiles Farm on the West Canvey Marshes, now part of an RSPB reserve. The only non CM cache found today was the SideTracked trad in Bexleyheath.

The highlight cache was the Earthcache CM at the Greek Orthodox Church in Welling. The geology was fascinating but I do like a Greek church. It’s a pity that this wasn’t open for inspection. I once attended a two hour service in a Greek Church In Westcliff-on-Sea. The whole service was conducted in Greek but I did managed to pick out a few words in the native tongue. The only English word spoken was vineyards.🤔

Kalimera Sas

1 Earthcache 5 Traditional 10 Multi