11. Jun, 2019

CM Hunt in London Or Was It In Kent - 9th June

I’m trying to climb the leader board of the Church Micro series. I‘ve come over to the London and Kent border early doors to add to my numbers. 

The first one on my list was the Wherigo at Barnehurst - Methodist. I had taken a few readings during the week and had narrowed down the search area of a densely wooded area nearby. After stomping around for a bit, I finally found the well hidden cache. 

I found a few more trads and multis at churches in Bexleyheath, Welling, Blackfen, Falconwood and Blendon plus a solitary WM trad in Bexleyheath. The amount of time that I’m spending trawling round these streets would go well to learning the “knowledge.”

1 Wherigo 3 Traditional 5 Multi