15. Jun, 2019

Hopping Around Petts Wood

I’m back in Kent early doors with a list of caches to find. The majority are CMs but the stand out cache of the day is the 3/5 Experienced Cacher - Earthcache Challenge Cache.

First off was the Pentecostal CM in Swanley which was situated on the Swanley Orbital Series circuit. Whilst I was there, I picked up #58 and #59 of that series, silly not too. I spotted some old buildings that reminded me straight away of hop picking. It turns out that they were the washhouses of a former hop field encampment. I went hop picking in Horsmonden in Kent when I was about 5 in the early 50s. I remember my Grandad, Benny, whose real name was George, sitting in an armchair for most of the six weeks.

The EC Challenge was next on my list and after a quick find, I picked up VS Kevington on my way into St Mary’s Cray where I added the difficult CM but failed at Underfeet. I got under the bridge and had a paddle around in my wellies but couldn’t spot the cache.

Time was getting on and I was off to Petts Wood. I found the CM Poverest mystery on the way and then another 5 CMs around the town before having to set off back through the tunnel home for ten o’clock.

 1 Letterbox 2 Multi 3 Mystery 6 Traditional