17. Jun, 2019

Red 5 Just One To Go

There‘s a Challenge Cache in Kent that I’ve been looking at. To qualify for Red 5, one has to find at least 5 caches in every day of one month. I noted that if I found at least one cache on the 17th and 30th of June, I would qualify, so I’ve been waiting for today.

Strangely, a CM trad was published overnight not far away in Orsett so this was immediately a target cache as I might also get a FTF.🤔 My luck was in and my name was first on the log sheet. The hint item was cunning, see if you can see it in the photo.

Whilst I was in the village, I went up for the Crossroads cache in nearby Baker Street and had a quick find there. There’s a fine smock mill in Baker Street and whilst I was at the crossroads, I noted the direction sign to Orsett Fen. There was a windmill or was it a drainage mill there some years ago but it blew down in a gale years ago. I have some slides somewhere. I’ve got a load of stuff somewhere.🤔

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