22. Jun, 2019


Today‘s treat is the 4/2.5 mystery XUDOKU in Croydon. This is the last leg of a 4.5/2 challenge cache - Unknown ABC Challenge that I’ve been working on. I‘d looked for XUDOKU a couple of weeks ago but it was MIA. However I had a much better result at 0620 this morning.

I found that I could park most places in town (away from the tram lines) for free before 0900 so I had a bit of a field day collecting CMs as well as TRAM and REALLY SideTracked caches. These were all trads apart from one CM multi and a mystery VS in Addiscombe.

I had to leave at nine to get home for ten, however, now I know that I can get free parking here, I’ll be back soon to clear up here but not for a few Saturdays as I have other plans.

1 Multi 2 Mystery 13 Traditional