27. Jun, 2019

Stumping Up The Stats

For various reasons, I needed to be closer to home today so my plans for a CM thrash up in Suffolk were shelved for a week or so.🤔 I decided to concentrate on some specific D/Ts today to help my grid along and to prise out some frowns and turn them smiley.

First on the list was the 1/5 Cottage Pie mystery cache in Chipping Ongar. I’d had the final coords for a while and had been told that it was a 1/5 for a reason. The tree trunk in the photo had fallen from the opposite bank but not reached this side. The River Roding was flowing underneath and I had to get the 4’ from the bank onto the trunk with not much to hold onto once I got on. I got to the other side and though that no one has been through there in a while so had to repeat my Blondin impersonation to get back to the well hidden cache. I had to kneel down on the trunk to sign the log. After reaching the safety of the bank, I set off for about a mile, under the Epping & Ongar preserved railway for the 1/3 Banofee Pie trad.

Back in the motor, I set off for Fyfield another place with limited network coverage.🙁 I finally got the FP multi but failed again at The Free Church multi. I drove to the outskirts of town and parked up as I had a longish walk up a bridle path for a couple of trads, one was Wander Round, a 2.5/4 which would help me qualify for one of the Cellular Motion challenges in Kent.

I drove up to Aythorpe Roding, noting that the sails hadn’t been put back on the windmill yet and went looking for Feeling Sluggish. I’d been after a 2.5/4 cache for months and now I’d found two in a row. 🤔 I set off for Great Easton but spotted a little tea room so “hung a uey” and stopped for coffee and homemade scone and strawberry jam.🍓

I‘d messed the VS multi in Great Easton some weeks ago but the CO had pointed out my error. I was back for a smiley and I soon found the well hidden cache after a walk across the fields.

1 Mystery 4 Multi 5 Traditional