30. Jun, 2019

Onto the Unknown

I’ve been working on the 4.5/2 Unknown ABC Challenge for ages and today I was going to find the cache. I also need two 4.5/2 caches to qualify for another JJ Cellular Motion so I had another one up my sleeve.😀

I started off really early at the CM Stone Cemetery mystery and then made my way down to Bluewater for the ABC. This was another quick find after the trek up the hill and I was soon on my way down to Shoreham for the other 4.5/2. However I made a little detour for the trad VS in Hawley and the multi VS in Sutton at Hone.

The next one was the 4.5/2 Tribulation & Topography Challenge : Ethereal. This was a real challenge finding a range of nine Virtual, Earthcache and Webcam caches in the 1 - 5 D/T grid. This had taken some time qualifying but the cache was a quick find.

I had decided to pick off some of the caches that I hadn’t found in the main drag in Eynsford. I worked out the Letterbox at the War Memorial and then sorted out the Earthcache based on the memorial. Moving on up the road, I finally found the Millfield trad and then some of JJ’s new Retirement Ramble series which brought me into Farningham.

There were a few multis that I’d been putting off for some reason. I had an informative walk around town gathering info for the CM, solving and finding the WM and messing up the VS. I’ll be back next week to finish off.🤔 The photo is of the medieval structure over the river.

1 Earthcache 1 Letterbox 3 Multi 3 Mystery 5 Traditional