2. Jul, 2019

Walking The Plank

It’s Tuesday, it’s just after dawn and I’m on my way to Sudbury for another range of mostly non trad caches. If I go for a trad these days it needs to be at least a 2/2 to improve my D/T ratings. However my first cache was the VS trad in Eight Ash Green just outside Colchester. My next one was the Postman Pat mystery in Great Cornard.

I’d had my eye on a couple of multis in Sudbury so I parked up for free in the High Street and after gathering up the info, I then retired to my fave coffee shop in town for breakfast just after seven. Refreshed, I made my way out for another try for the CM St Gregory multi on the Mill Race but I failed for the sixth time. This really has turned into my nemesis cache. I followed this up with another fail in a bus stop a few hundred yards away. I must have looked out of place standing on the seat probing the roof of the shelter but hey ho!

I had been working on OG&Bs WHTS MSSNG mystery series and I was after these next. I parked up the motor and walked out to the first one on my list. I immediately knew that there was an old runway here. Some quick research showed that this was the base of the USAF 486th Bombardment (Heavy) group who flew Liberators and Fortresses out of here during the war.

I found four of the series and then set off for Great Waldringfield and found the CM, then failed at another multi at the VS but found the trad Releasing the Beast. I also released a TB here. I dropped South for the multi CM at Newton Green and moved on to Groton for mixed fortunes. The VS multi was no problem but I failed at the CM and Here we go round the..., both multis.

Edwardstone was another splendid little village with a lot of caches. The FP was easy but the VS was difficult as someone had removed the info source.🤔 There was no joy at the trad CM but better luck at the trad Church Meadow which I resuscitated.😀

I double backed to Groton for a couple but failed so moved onto Lindsey for the mystery CM and the trad CM. My next stop was Kersey, a magnificent example of a Suffolk village. It had it all - wonderful old building, nostalgic signs, delightful pubs and a few caches. I found the trad CM but failed to find the one at the Ford despite me wading in the mud under the bridge.

Wall The Plank was intriguing especially the 1/4 rating. The picture explains it all and if you focus deep enough you will see the nano. I managed to drop the log sheet in the water so had to go back to the car for a replacement. 

I ended the day in Wattisham collecting the VS multi but failed at both the trad CMs in the village. Still I have an excuse to return one day. I also have a list of failures that I must address soonest.

3 Multi 6 Mystery 14 Traditional