6. Jul, 2019

Farningham = The Fonz

I have unfinished business in Farningham. For some reason, Farningham reminds me of Cunningham and Cunningham reminds me of The Fonz aka Henry Winkler. Happy Days.😀

I parked up in the village just before six and quickly worked out the VS multi and its cunning placement. I found the rest of the info for the CM multi which I had to leave last week and then I set off on another leg of JJ’s new Retirement Ramble series. It‘s mainly medium rating trads with a few letterboxes thrown in on this leg but I am hoping to improve my paltry D/T score. I have a slight detour to pick up a 3.5/2.5 Mystery on the walk. I had walked this path before on another now archived series and I made good time striding along the river bank and up the chalky slopes.

Some of the caches were well hidden but I persevered, finding all but one trad. The Matrimony- a joining together mystery was difficult to extract and replace but I improvised with a long stick that I found. The highlight cache was one which suggested being legless in the hint. Luckily I found the missing limb.😀

On the way back into the village, I stopped at a roadside stall selling some local fruit and bought a punnet of gooseberries and a pound of cherries for a fiver. I had to have a double take at the lad manning the stall.🤔 He is the spitting image of nathanjhunt who is supposedly out caching in Oz at the moment. Now if his hair had been purple, it would have been the clincher. Ahoo, Werewolves of London. 

BTW my D is up to 1.84👍🏻

1 Mult 2 Letterbox 2 Mystery 21 Traditional