11. Jul, 2019

Watching The Detectives

The new Mystery at the Museum Challenge was starting today and Groundspeak have been keeping details very close to their chests. The one snippet that had emerged was that attending an event would gain the Detective souvenir and then everything would become clearer.🤔

An event had been arranged in Croydon and as I had a list of CMs and STs especially the TRAMs sorted for the Croydon area, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I was through the tunnel before six and made my way to West Wickham for the CM at St John’s. This multi is based on a memorial to a crew of local fire fighters killed during the Blitz.

Just down the road was the VS and the CM in Addington. I collected these and parked up across the road to find the TRAM ST - Addington Village. I drove down the road to the terminus of this leg of the Tram network at New Addington and then did a few C&D ST trads but DNFing one.

The next town on my list was Selsdon. I’d never been here before but I now have an awareness of where‘s where after find the CM LDS, the 3/1.5 St Francis and then the St John the Divine. These were all multis which helped the trad - everything else imbalance.😀

The event was in the centre of Croydon at 1345 and I was working my way up there. I touched down in Sanderstead and added some more multis to the list. The CM - All Saints, the VS and the CM - URC all bit the dust and as I was walking back to the latter, I noticed the 403 Red Bus go by. I decided to leave the car here, parking for free and work my way into town on foot. I’d then use my bus pass later to return here.

I found ST Sanderstead and a few CMs in South Croydon. I also failed on a few and had to confirm the coords on Emmanuel with the CO, geodude1963. She said that the coords were correct but would talk to me at the event. I added the ST multi to the list and with time getting short, I tried to sort out the info for a couple more CM multis.

I got to the event on time and there must have been 30 cachers there, all trying to work out what happens next on the Museum programme now that we were all Detectives. I spent a lot of time talking with SkiCycle, alan666notb and geodude1963 but before we knew it, the time had flashed by and people were drifting away. I said my goodbyes  and set off to find one of my favourite coffee shops for lunch. Using their wifI, I sorted out my plan of attack for the Challenge. I needed to work out how to find the caches to find the clues so for now, I decided to wander around town for a while, gathering info for more multis.

I decided to set out for home at 1430 on a hunch with the traffic and it took me 150 minutes instead of the hour that it had taken me to get here. The Croydon area is so rich in caches especially CMs and STs but the traffic going home is a killer. What I’ll do in future is to come over here early at the weekend when I know that parking is free until 0900. If I leave then, I can get home in the hour. Seems like a plan to me.😀

1 Event 1 Mystery 6 Traditional 11 Multi