14. Jul, 2019

I’m On The Case

Now I‘m a Detective and fully aware of my brief, I have a plan to seek out the clues to allow me to find all the gemstones that were “stolen.” I began to think about “real” detectives and  thought that my nom de plume for the challenge would be Mike Hammer, a detective from Hells Kitchen, NYC, in a series of books writen by Mickey Spillane.

However, back in the 80s, Trevor Eve played a Bristolian detective on tv called Eddie Shoestring. Some clown at work thought that I looked like him and for a while I was nicknamed Eddie Bootlace.🤯 Still my wife thought that I looked like him and he was handsome so I went along with it.

So my plan for today was to find the six clues, i.e. two fingerprints, two footprints and two shadows to move me on to the stage. I could then see what gemstones were about and try to get a few.🤔 I found six likely candidates in the Swanley Orbital Series In Kent so I was down there just after six.

However my plan got off to a disastrous start at the first cache. 🤯 I spent 20 minutes rummaging through ivy for a false rock until I gave up. I also failed at the 4th cache too so I had to revise things. I found the final two on my list and then started using the filters to find a nearby footprint and a fingerprint cache. There were likely candidates over in Foots Cray and still on the SOS series. 

I drove over there and parked up. I set off on a bridle path that went almost to Hockenden and would give me nos #50 to #57 of the series. Luckily the first two were clues that I needed and the next stage of the game opened Up. All the previously hidden clues caches were now showing which gemstone they were. 

I continued down the bridle path picking off the SOS caches as well as the splendidly named Lenny  Dagenham Assets trad. Now who was Lenny Dagenham and just what were his assets? By the time, I’d got to #57, I’d added 3 Topaz, 3 Sapphire and 2 Emerald gem stones to my list. I should be able to get through to the next stage in the week.

When I got back into Foots Cray, I added the CM St Paul’s mystery to the days tally. I’d worked this one out at home and luckily it had gone through the checker. So now it was time to split the scene, baby and head for home.

1 Mystery 6 Traditional 11 Multi