21. Jul, 2019

Hands Up - It’s A Stick-Up

Suddenly, I got it into my head that I needed to go and look for a couple of caches that I have been looking at for ages. As usual, my hunting ground at the weekend is south of the river and as I had a lot to pack in such a short time, I was through through the tunnel at 0520.🀫

I parked up outside the deserted CM Southborough and quickly found the multi cache that I had worked out at home. The next one was a bit trickier though. Mole’s SOS Gridlock Challenge, a 5/1.5 mystery was in the middle of the nearby woods/forest. I got to the search area without problem and the hint was a tree guarded by holly. I think that there was more holly than trees here but after about 20 minutes of searching and getting a branch poked in my eye into the bargain, I struck lucky.

After negotiating my way out of the woods, I found the trad CM - Methodist and then the mystery CM - St Dunstan’s before driving the short distance down into Tunbridge Wells. Here was one of the caches that I was after today - Mole Says “stick’em up!” a webcam cache.πŸ˜€ I have only found two of these before, although I did one in Riga, Latvia which was classed as a Virtual.πŸ˜— So there I was at 0632, trying to get a photo on my phone of me with my arms in the air. Watching the webcam feed, I noticed that there was a delay in transmission so I waited my moment and got the attached photo.πŸ‘πŸ»

Tunbridge is rich in CMs so it was silly not to get a few. I found four and failed at two before I had to move on. On the way up to Capel, I found the 4/2 mystery - 8 Years Of Happy Caching Challenge perched up a very steep bank. Down the road at the multi CM dedicated to St Thomas A’Becket, I worked out the coords and walked out through a field of sheep to get the well placed cache.

Five Oak Green was my next port of call to look for a multi CM and the 4/1.5 mystery “Big 5“ Challenge and it was success all the way. I was running out of time now and I still had another target cache to go for. However, TCIATlC, a 3.5/2 mystery was on the way and once, I managed to find my way to the cache, I had a quick find.

The last one of the day was the 1.5/5 mystery 140:COE - London Bridge. Unfortunately, I hadn’t left myself enough time was short so after five minutes, I had to split and leave it for another time. Next weekend, this will be the first one on my list, especially as I need this D/T for a second time around the grid.🀫

1 Webcam 2 Traditional 5 Mystery 6 Multi (9 CM)