25. Jul, 2019

The Case Is Closed

I’m off to Suffolk again on what is forecast to be the hottest day on record ever! It’s a good job that I‘m only planning to do a few drive bys. I started off very early to get a good few hours in before the heat kicked in.

I‘m planning to have breakfast in Sudbury and for a change, I‘m going to drive up the Essex side of the Stour. I picked up the 2/4.5 trad Down by the River #7 and then the 2.5/2.5 trad Down by the River before driving up through the Hennys to finally collect the Essex/Suffolk Cycle Ride #13 which I inexplicably missed when I did the series last year.

I forgot to mention that I only needed 2 caches to finish the Mayhem in the Museum project. So as I walked away from the second trad, I was confronted by a field puzzle to unlock the vault to replace the jewels. I quickly sorted that out and got the final souvenir and the message - Case Closed.😀

I had my breakfast and started working out where I was going next. Here I must interject here though. I’m on Facebook and the other day I was sent a list of suggested groups that I might be interested in. One was to do with Street Furniture.🤔 Now I’ve always looked up instead of down, noticing all kind of odd items of interest when walking down streets and country lanes. I’m afraid that Geocaching doesn’t help this strange behaviour at all. 🤫 As I’m always visiting new places, there’s always something out of the ordinary to see . So there may be a non Geocaching photo in my blogs but at least they were spotted when I was out Geocaching.😀 The photo is from the High Street In Cavendish. 

My first stop after breakfast was Foxearth, Essex, the home of the former Ward’s Brewery. I have a good collection of Ward’s beer labels and a fine engraved soda siphon from my Essex Breweriana days. Now I‘m collecting caches and I soon added the trad VS and the multi FP to my collection.

I was going to travel for a while along an imaginary horizontal line along the border through Clare, Cavendish and, as usual, the theme is series caches and any trad that I could tackle over 2/2. Having found a selection of caches, I dropped down into Essex to pick up the multi FP in Ashen, before heading north into deepest Suffolk.

I passed through Hundon, Barnardiston, the Bradley‘s and the Thurlow’s up into Cowlinge. I found the CM and the WM here but the VS was MIA unfortunately. Continuing my journey, I visited Denston, Stansfield (couldn’t find Lisa) and finally Somerton.

I’d never been to this place before but had visited its namesake in Somerset many times. Marconi built a wireless receiving station here in the 1920s. It remained operational but managed by Cable & Wireless, the Post Office and then BT until the end of the 1990s when satcoms did away for the need to have a radio operator on board ships. That proved to be the death knell for BTs illustrious radio communications network but luckily it gave me the chance for early retirement. What a pity that I didn’t hear about Geocaching way back then.

1 Mystery 5 Multi 16 Traditional