28. Jul, 2019

I Got Stung

On June 11 1958 in the RCA Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, Elvis Presley recorded the following -

Holy Smoke/And sakes alive/I never thought this could happen to me/Mm, yeah, mm, yeah/I got stung by a sweet honey bee.

Today, I got stung on the bridge of my nose by an angry hornet and I wasn’t saying Mm, yeah, mm, yeah! 🤬🤬🤬

What had brought me down to East Peckham in Kent was a series of Letterbox caches in JJ’s COE series. I had been looking at another of his caches - A Well Rounded Cacher Challenge. All you have to do is find a number of caches by type i.e. 5000, 1000, 500, 250, 125, 75, 50 and 25!! The problem area is 1000 which will be a fight between multis and mysteries, and 250 which I will cover with letterbox caches. The trouble is I only have 130 of those so I need to get busy.

I started off the day with another go at the COE:140 London Bridge mystery. This 1.5/5 cache will help me complete two circuits of my D/T grid. Luckily I went straight to it today so I was a happy bunny.

I parked up just down the road in the carpark of the Bush Blackbird and Thrush pub and set off walking the footpaths around East Peckham For a couple of hours.I passed through many dessert and cooking apple orchards. As you don’t know what they have sprayed on the fruit, I thought it best not to relive my youth by scrumping.🤔

It was all going so well until I got to 108. COE: Tarnovo when I started looking through the ivy clad stump and discovered the hornets nest. The little blighters seemed to be chasing me down the road but I only got stung the once.

1 Mystery 23 Letterbox