30. Jul, 2019

I Never Made It To Suffolk

Today, I was going to get a few series caches in West Suffolk and decided that the best way to get there, was to drive up the M11 and then up the A11. The trouble was that when I started looking at what was on offer, I could see that I might not even get into Suffolk at all. Here’s how it went.

First up was the mystery VS in Littlebury. This was another of those jigidi puzzles that are coming quite popular. I set on a little run of trads with the Village Hall in Little Chesterford and then the ST, a Little Bridges and the CM in Great Chesterford.

It was now time to leave this wonderful county of Essex and cross the border into Cambridgeshire. I stopped in the delightful village of Hinxton for a couple of multis. I picked up a FP, a VH, a CM and a WM all in the space of a few hundred yards. There was quite a selection of street furniture on show here too.

Pampisford was the next stop. I parked up outside the church and collected the info for the VH and the WM multis.The War Memorial was the first that I’d seen commemorating a soldier killed in Aden. I did see a WM later in the day commemorating a soldier killed in Korea. These were my first and I hope, my last. 

I was feeling hungry so was looking for breakfast. I found a splendid little bakery in Sawston that served a delicious bacon sandwich. Unfortunately the WM trad across the road was MIA.🤔 I headed off to Babraham for more multis - a CM and a We Will Remember Them. There are three similar series based on War Memorials - WM, We Will Remember Them and Lest We Forget.

Now I was going further north into the Abingtons. I made quick finds of the trads at the CMs,  Little Abington and Great Abingrown but there was no joy at the VS The Abingtons sadly. I had never been to Hildersham but I made short work of the trads ant the FP, the VS and the CM before moving on to Linton. 

I knew this place had a zoo and a vineyard but for some time I thought that it held an annual blues/rock festival. I was disappointed to find that Linton was in Herefordshire. This Linton is a tightly packed little town and I found a decent cake/coffee shop for elevenses. I also found some multis at the FP, VS and the Free Church CM before heading to the outskirts of the town for a very welcome Really SideTracked trad.

I dropped back down into Essex for the trad RST in Bartlow before heading back north for some more CM trads in Balsham, West Wratting and Brinkley. All these villages had been words on a map before today and it was good to add some vision to the brain box. Weston Coalville had been just a name before visiting for the multi CM and the trad FP. 

The name of Westley Waterless conjures up a vision of rural idyll but it was very much a hamlet with a few houses and a trad CM and a VS. Dullingham assumes a picture of boredom but it had a  fine mystery VS, and a ST trad as well as a clever CM trad to deal with.

Burrough Green, with its unusual shelter, was my last port of call of the day and I finished off the day with a trad VS and a multi CM. Guess what, I didn’t get into Suffolk at all.

2 Mystery 14 Multi 22 Trad