6. Aug, 2019

Bunny Hopping in Bassingbourn

I’m still after Letterbox caches to become an All Rounded Cacher.šŸ¤” I noticed a large series of Letterbox cum Mystery caches - Heidi Rose Bunny Hop up in Bassingbourn, Herts that looked very interesting and spent a good few nights working out the coords. The series made a decent circuit and once I added in a few just off the path, I could be out most of the day.

I parked up in the designated parking spot and had signed off the first cache at 0645. I worked my way through the series up to #30 picking up a Little Bridge, a Village Sign and a couple of the Congratulations set. I then had a bit of a detour to pick up some of the Litlington Logistics series of trads before settling back on the Bunny Hop series.

 I worked my way from #30 up to #48 but unfortunately couldn’t find #39.šŸ™ I had built up quite an appetite and luckily there was a little coffee shop in town to fill the hole. After lunch, I had a list of CMs, WMs, Village Signs and Halls to work through and luckily most of them were multis to help me reach 1000 of these to become well rounded.

Letterbox 47 Traditional 14 Multi 10 Mystery 3