13. Aug, 2019

On the way down - 10th August

I had discovered that it would take me an hour to drive up to Morayshire in the morning and hence an hour back so I didn’t have time for breakfast at the hotel. 

I was in Keith at 8pm and picked up the RST cache which was a result as it was SideTracked Day so I earned the souvenir. Having ticked Moray off the map, I drove back into Aberdeenshire and found the ST In Huntly and the RST In Gartley for good measure.

I was back at the Mega before the official opening at 10am so had time to find ERDGT : Crathes. I was happy with this as I needed the Geotrail attribute for yet another challenge cache. 

I thought that the Mega itself was a damp squid with not much going on apart from the pipe bands. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a Lock Village so I didn’t get to see Lulybelle from Cork. I did see Izy and Greg from Brentwood and PeCeH from Chelmsford along with their little mutts.

I gave it until noon then I had to set off home. I picked up The Old Slug Trail trad before I left Aberdeenshire and my last cache in Scotland was appropriately Scotland’a Last Cache just before I crossed the border into England.

I had been planning to qualify for the Social Butterfly Challenge cache which meant attending three meetings on one day. I had the Mega and I had planned two meetings as SideTracked Day events.

The first one was at ST Almouth in Northumberland. One holidaying cacher from Nottingham showed up and I couldn’t find the ST cache. 🙁 The second meeting was at ST Heighington in Tyne & Wear which was very well attended and I found the ST trad. I left here at 7pm with a four hour drive to home.

I needed a refreshment break at Blyth Services in Nottinghamshire and in the failing light, I found my last cache of the day. I finally arrived home at 2315.

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