13. Aug, 2019

Dis but Connected

Today was just going to be a gentle drive around the Suffolk and Norfolk border picking up Series caches.

I started off at 7am in Diss with coffee and a sausage sambo in a coffee shop from my favourite chain. Once I was finished, I picked up the CMs in town and set off on a meandering journey through the villages and hamlets gathering up VSs, STs/RSTs and FP caches. It’s amazing that I didn’t get a single Village Hall or a Little Bridge but there you go.

It was an easy day compared with the hectic weekend but it was what I needed. The highlight of the day was finding the memorial to Lieutenant Flowerdew VC in the churchyard of Billingford Church. It made up for not finding the CM.

1 Letterbox 1 Multi 2 Mystery 30 Traditional