24. Aug, 2019

Hunting in Huntingdonshire

As a result of the 1972 Local Government Act, a number of the traditional English counties were lost. Counties such as Rutland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Huntingdonshire lost their identity. So when my wife booked a last minute hotel in St Ives, in the former Huntingdonshire, I was all for it. The hotel was set next to the medieval bridge over the Great Ouse and luckily for me, close to a number of gettable caches. 

Luckily, my head was clear when I got up early next morning so I set off around the town picking up a few caches. First off was the RST - St Ives Station and the highlight cache was the very cleverly hidden 3.5/1.5 Off Yer Trolley (St Ives - Cattle Market). This little beast took me two visits but it didn’t beat me.😀

The photo is of the splendid old Bank building in the High Street.

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