27. Aug, 2019


I have been closing in on the magical 1000 finds and I was hoping for the milestone to be a biggie but unfortunately, I needed buddies for the one that I had in mind because it was dangerous. I had to settle for a day out in Hertfordshire and here’s how it went.

I was in Hertford just before 0700 and after breakfast in the Go, I made my way round to the final of the mystery at the nearby museum but again a tramp was resting on the host.🙁 I was also on a loser up the road at the CM in Bengeo but at least that turned out to be a MIA.

 I got up and running at the CM in Thunbridge and then meandered through the hamlets collecting CMs until I got into Braughing. I had been working on four jigsaw puzzle mysteries here and I am pleased to record that CM 703 was my milestone cache. As my first ever cache had also been a CM, this was quite fitting.

I meandered some more, gathering CMs and FPs until I reached Watton at Stone. I was here two weeks ago and had discovered a splendid bakery cum cafe so I had a celebration lunch or should I say, coffee and sandwich here. I had also been busy completing jigsaws for four mysteries here and after lunch, added 2 CMs, plus a ST and VS to the list.

I found more CMs in Bramsfield and Ware and finished the day’s haul with the trad VS in Great Amwell.

1 Multi 9 Mystery 19 Traditional