5. Sep, 2019

Against The Grain

I had hoped to have Fort Micro #23 Grain Battery Tower, a 4/5 trad on a Victorian gun platform out in the River Thames in Kent as my milestone cache but I was unable to get a team together in time. However today’s the day and I have a willing team to tackle the tide and the height.

It was an early morning start and our first one of the day was Sea Horse, a 3/3 mystery cache in Stone which required waders. After a coffee in the nearby Costa which also gave us a parking place in a restricted zone, we set off gathering a few more mysteries plus the elusive Bridge 834 multi around Gravesend.

One of our targets was the Earth Engine, a 3.5/4.5 mystery which we eventually overcame before heading out to Grain. We arrived in the parking spot for the Fort about 30 minutes after low tide and set off along the muddy concrete track. Arriving at the base of the for, we could see the rickety ladder which would get us the 30 or so feet onto the landing platform. After a bit of scrambling, we made it and started searching every nook and cranny, eventually working our way to the very top of the structure. Even then, it was a struggle to find the cache but after a PAF, we had our hands on the prize. All we had to do now was to get down and off without incident which we did.

Back in Grain, we went for a multi in the Library. Fortuiously, the Library was only open from 1300 to 1600 on a Thursday and we got here at 1300 on a Thursday.😀 With a little help from the staff we had signed the log book and on our way. We gained another of the Fort Micro series nearby and then meandered towards Cooling picking up a couple of CMs.

In Cooling, I was able to find the CM and the VS that had eluded me before but unfortunately the bonus cache for the Cooling Crawl was still missing. We finished the day off with two mysteries, Ryan’s Cache and the VS in Cliffe Woods before calling it a day.

There weren many caches but they were all Quality.👍🏻

5 Multi 5 Mystery 6 Traditional