21. Sep, 2019

Quickly squeezed one in - 19th September

With our daughter‘s wedding being on the 20th, I knew that opportunities to grab a cache in the couple of weeks leading up to it would be slim. However, there was a short window today, whilst my wife was at a hairdressers in Benfleet.

I was able to scoot up to Daws Heath, near Hadleigh and look for one of Tractor Andy’s recent caches. Andy and his brother Scarecrow Rog have a number of caches about the old folklore of the  area around Hadleigh and the trad - Daws Heath Triangle and the Curse Of Jess the Witch - is no different.

This would have made a splendid CM but the title of the cache does have a lot going for it.😀 I had a quick find here which was good as I soon got the call for a pick up.

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