26. Sep, 2019

Turkey Two

Now that the pressure of the wedding had passed, we could look forward to a week’s holiday in Rhodes. I had never been to this Greek island before but my wife had and wanted me to see a nearby island, Symi, which was supposed to be beautiful. I had noted that there were day trips from Rhodes to Marmaris, a port in Turkey which was also in Asia, geographically so it seemed silly not to pop over there to get the lie of the land.🤫

I knew that we would have to go through the old tourist trap rigmarole visiting a Turkish Delight factory or something and we definitely wanted to visit a bazaar for a haggle. However, I had noted a couple of likely trad caches around the harbour that I could get so I could put Turkey and Asia on the list.

However, one of them, T Kieron & Kara Water Children was in special measures so I contacted the CO to see if he wanted me to put a replacement cache down and luckily he did.😀 He gave me a couple of options for cache types so I went prepared.

Just after lunch, I slipped away and quickly found T Kara N Kierons The Castle Cannons for my first cache in this country and then went to the Water Children sculpture. I put down a replacement hanging bison and then scooted back to the restaurant before my beer got cold.😀

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