28. Sep, 2019

Rhodes Old Town - 27th September

Today, I was up at dawn and walked the 20 minutes from the apartment to the city walls. Rhodes has a spectacular fortress, encompassing the Old Town, that was built by the Knights Templars and I was looking forward to exploring it. 

I was after a few caches hidden in the medieval moat but first I had to get down into it. I found the dark entrance and I tentatively made my way through the darkness into the light.🤔

I made short work of the trads Rhodes Peace and Medieval Moat before being taken on a very scenic journey following the Wherigo Olympians in Greek Mythology. I carried on until I got to the start of the Rhodes City Wall Earthcache and collected the answers for the CO. Nearby was the Amboise Bridge trad and that was soon found.

I was now out of the moat and heading up towards the Mandraki Harbour. I eventually found the 4/1 Stairway to the Moon mystery and then headed over to the Colossus of Rhodes Virtual where I took my photo to qualify for this one.

All I had to do now was to work my way around to the other side of the harbour to the 3/1 St Nicholas and the 3 Windmills trad. There is a cat sanctuary here and I spent some time watching some Swiss kids playing with the kittens before heading back for breakfast.

1 Earthcache 1 Mystery 1 Virtual 1 Wherigo 4 Traditional