28. Sep, 2019

Symi Single

One of the reasons for our visit to Rhodes, apart from getting the Turkey souvenir 🤫, was that wife wanted me to see Sym, a nearby island. The view entering the harbour on the ferry was going to be spectacular. I can now vouch for that, it was definitely spectacular.

We wandered around the harbour, looking for souvenirs, stopping every so often for shade and refreshments. There was one trad that I was after and whilst my wife was making use of the free wifI, I quickly found the 2.5/2 Symi Central - The Vapori Nano :) with the help of a helpful shopkeeper. Imagine the scene, some bloke standing on a bar stool in a busy taverna, looking in a large model yacht for a small container. As you know, it has to be done.🤣

Later on in the afternoon, whilst we were waiting for the ferry to get back to Rhodes, my wife suggested that I went for a wander. I grabbed the opportunity and set off for a 153m climb up thought the narrow lanes and paths up to the church overlooking the harbour for the 3.5/4 trad - the beauty of Symi. Unfortunately, the hint, a hole in the rock was as much use as a chocolate teapot 🙁 when the church is set on a 40’ rock. I searched high, and I mean high and then 40’ down but no joy. Still the view over the harbour was worth the trek in the blazing heat.

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