29. Sep, 2019

2-1 but later 2-0

I was up early again and walked a couple of miles north to get to the Acropolis set in the Monte Smith Park. The park is named after an English Admiral and needs some research from me about this.

The first cache found this morning in the cool heat was the trad  - Ancient Stadium & Ancient Odeon/Theatre of Rhodes hidden in a  wall on the outskirts of the park. I walked up to find the Temple of Apollo mystery that I had solved the day before. The Temple was spectacular and formed part of the multi - Monte Smith. I’d never found a multi in Greece and by looking at the previous DNFs, things were not going to improve. However, I found some places that I would never have seen without Geocaching including the Church of St Nicholas set in a cave in a rock, hidden from the road. Needless to say, the cache was missing.☹️

So it was 2 found and 1 not found. Later we took the opportunity to watch Rodos FC play Panakardikos. We paid our €5 each and entered the run down old stadium. We were instantly welcomed by a group of fans who introduced themselves as the Rodos Ultras. They seemed delighted when I said that meant Hooligans.😀 However, the 50 or so fans put up a barrage of singing, chanting and dancing throughout the whole match.

They set off flares, green smoke canisters and incessantly banged on their drums. Now, I have been watching football since the late 50s and I’ve never seen anything like this. We were sitting on the open terrace with some other Rodos fans, one of which kept standing up and shouting at the team. A lady behind us was translating what he was shouting out for us. I’m sure that - “work harder, you lazy dog” was the sanitised version.🤔 As for the game, it was a decent standard and Rodos won 2-0 but it should have been more.

1 Mystery 1 Traditional