1. Oct, 2019

Andio Rodos

A couple of days ago, I had a DNF at the trad Port Of Call : Rhodes at the Commercial Harbour and the CO contacted me with photographic assistance. So whilst we were sightseeing, I quickly stopped by to put the record straight. The cache was very near the chair in the photo.

That was yesterday and unfortunately we are going home today. I hadn’t had the opportunity to go for all the caches on my Rhodes list and a multi is still missing from my Greek found list. This will have to wait until next year, hopefully.🤞

I have one more chance of a cache today and that’s a trad up at the airport. If we get there a few minutes earlier, I should be able to find it. And so it came to pass, !TRACKABLES! Airport Diagora was my last find of this trip.

Goodbye Rhodes 🇬🇷 

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