8. Oct, 2019

That’s A Fine Pair

I knew that I needed to find a cache today but I also had a lunch appointment with the chaps in Billericaybboked in. Last night, I was humming and harring about a trad in Hutton or one of Caz’s mysteries up near Stock when I remembered that it was the Fine Pair Anniversary Day today so I had to revise my plans.

However, the nearest unfound FP to me was in Bishops Stortford which was a bit far in the time that I had available so I had mentally scrubbed getting the souvenir. This morning I noticed that a FP trad had been published in Wickham Bishops, only 30 mins away and doable. I knew that a FTF would be out of the question what with kareninwb living in the village but I would be happy with the find anyway.

So I was able to sign the log sheet just after noon and for good measure grabbed the VHS trad just up the road. All I had to do then was to hope for a straight run back down the A12 and cut down to Billericay. Thankfully it was a smooth drive and a fine lunch.

2 Traditional