19. Oct, 2019

Mission Unstoppable

After a number of weekends where I’ve been unavailable for geocaching, I have the opportunity today to get back on track. With the A13 closed at the Orsett “Cock” yet again for another weekend, an early foray into Kent is out of the question so I need to settle for something nearer to home.

The is a circular series of 13 trads around South Hanningfield called JJs Mission - Unstoppabl, all with Ds of at least 2, so I decided to give these a try. I parked up in the pub car park just after dawn. It wasn’t raining but it had been torrential overnight so it was very wet underfoot.

I failed at the first one but decided to save it for later. I made short work of some of the clever caches including the one in the photo but I knew that there was a big DNF coming up. It soon became apparent to me that there had been another series out this way that must have been archived and this was a welcome replacement.

 I worked my way up to #8 which turned out to be a field puzzle. I had to google a number of facts about our only city in the county and despite there being some discrepancy when the railway reached Chelmsford, I was able to open the box.

I too failed at #8 along with a long list of others but I was able to rattle off the rest before getting back to where I started the walk. I had to be home for ten but I had one last look for #1 but alas no joy this morning.

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