30. Oct, 2019

It’s An Extravagance

I had spotted a circular walk around Great Eversden and Little Eversden in Cambridgeshire consisting of 29 trad caches each with a D/T of at least 2/2. The Eversden Extravaganza was about 5 miles in length and was just what I needed to bring my numbers up especially as the walk was interspersed with a number of series caches.

I had passed through Great Eversden last week so I knew where to park up. As dawn broke at 0700, I had looked the first cache of the series and by the time I logged #10 at 0844, I had also added the trad CMs at Great Eversden and Little Eversden, the multi War Memorial, the trads at the Village Hall and the Little Bridges plus two more of ryo62’s Congratulations series, one a Mystery and the other, a Letterbox.

I continued up to #15, and then broke off for the Trigtastic trad at New Farm and then #6 to #4 of the Halloween Haunt series of trads. I then set off across the fields to the trad at Wimpole cache #2.

I was surprised to find a memorial bench here for Captain, The Honourable Thomas Agar-Robartes MP who was killed at the Battle of Loos on 30th September 1915 in an action for which he was recommended for the Victoria Cross. As he was from Bodmin in Cornwall and was the MP for that area, it’s intriguing as to why the memorial is here on the edge of the forest?

Still pondering, I worked my way back to the series and completed the circuit at 1030 with very few problems. Just to celebrate this excellent extravaganza, I found the VS for the villages at the end of the trail head.

About a mile up the road was my start to the Quizzical Smile series of mysteries. They were not set in an particular order though. Once you had solved all the puzzles, then you set the best route for you. On the way there, I found 2 more mysteries, another of the Congratulations series and one based on our entry into the innocuous “Common Market”, named This One’s For You General De Gaulle.

I made a promising start to the QS series but then reality set in and I had to backtrack on a couple. I couldn’t find #16 at all but I did meet a couple of hikers from Holland who were staying with their daughter and family in nearby Comberton. They had a GPSr but weren’t Geocachers although they knew about the hobby.

The rest of the Halloween Haunt series coincided with the QS series so I found these, changing the sodden logsheet at #1 as I went. I was now over 2 miles from the car so I set off down the muddy track. I had sorted out the coords for the QS Bonus cache but by the time I got back, I decided that it was time to call it a day. Let’s hope that the M11 is behaving itself.🤔

1 Letterbox 1 Multi 19 Mystery 42 Traditional