3. Nov, 2019

Have You Lost Your Head When Out Caching

I’m heading down into Kent this morning as the A13 isn’t closed for those dreaded road works. I’m planning to do some more of jazzyjessups’s Retirement Ramble series but I have a few former DNFs to find on the way.

First off was the Blockbuster-Stylee Bingo(ish) Challenge cache in the Bluewater shopping complex in Greenhithe. I qualified for this one ages ago but it was MIA when I had my first look. Now that it had been replaced, it was time for another try. As it was brightly lit up over there, I was in and out before dawn having made a quick find.

The RST mystery at Southfleet was another previous failure for me but now it has been replpaced, I had another easy experience. Next up was Farningham where I picked up the CM multi that I had solved some time ago but didn’t have time to collect.

Just down the road In Eynsford was another section of the Retirement Ramble series of trads that I was after. I must admit that I did the first section of #15a to #15e and #16 as drive bys. I also found the mystery Congratulations agrajag on his 40K cache. I hope that it’s not to much to give away that I found the cache in the photo along this section. Now I have found fingers and even a leg as caches before but never a head. Has anyone found any other body parts?

I headed back to the High Street and quickly worked out the multi at Fancy Some Cake? The coords were close to where the next section of the RR series so I quickly found the well hidden cache.

I started on the footpath up the hill to #24. I had been here before on a previous JJ series which had been archived. I worked my way through the fields and the woods picking up well hidden trads until I sorted out the multi at #17. Now this was to be a linear route but I had one more cache to find before getting back to the car and heading for home.

I eventually reached the Sarah Jane Smith mystery and had a quick find and a surprise when I found it. As I was walking to the cache, I read in the hint that I would need a Phillips screwdriver. Now this would be tricky as I hadn’t brought one.☹️ However, a quick search of my geo kit came up with something that gave me a chance. Luckily I was able to sign the log sheet and more importantly, putting the cache back together.

3 Multi 4 Mystery 12 Traditional