7. Nov, 2019

It’s CM Anniversary Day

I suppose that the Church Micro series is probably my favourite series although I’m very keen on many others. Today is its anniversary and by finding a CM cache, a souvenir is awarded but by attending an CM Anniversary event, you can gain another. Now these events are few and far between. I had planned to attend one in London but when I saw that Infinson and gilliwiG had orgainised one at Witchford near Ely, I planned my day around that.🤔

The day started with an hour’s drive in the dark up the M11 until I got to Duxford. My first cache of the day was the mystery Just-Us-Two overlooking the airfield at 0657. I then moved on down into the village for the FP and the VH trads.

Having ticked these off, I drove up into Cambs to Whittlesford where there was a plethora of series caches to keep me busy. I quickly sorted out the trad at the URC CM and then the multi at the VH. The LB and the WM trads were quickly found which brought me to the CM multi at St Mary and St Andrew. I found most of the information that I needed apart from a couple of numbers but I busked them and luckily spotted the well hidden cache at my coords. It was depressing but uplifting in a way to see the Allied War Graves of pilots and aircrew here from the Commonwealth and our other allies particularly Poland who were based down the road at RAF Duxford. RIP.

i finished my visit to the village with at quick find of the VS trad and