9. Nov, 2019

Ambling Around Eynsford

You will remember me saying that my numbers had taken a beating in September and I was trying to put that right. So today I was on familiar territory when I returned to Eynsford to have a go at the Eynsford Amble. The CO had archived his previous series WW and come up with a new refreshed circuit. I note that this was an incarnation of the COs Wonderful Walk series.

I was through the tunnel early and parked up by the picturesque bridge straddling the river and walked down to #1. I had a quick find to get me going and set off across the field to the railway line. This was a more difficult find but I got there in the end. As usual, I was on a time limit so I yomped up hill and down valley picking up trads of varying difficulty until I dropped down to the Country Park for the multi. 

This was a clever idea here but I soon cracked the code and set off for an easy find at the final. I worked my way aloping the river bank picking up more trads, only failing at #16, a 4.5/1.5. I deduced from the logs that either you spotted it straight or you never do. I’m afraid that I was in the latter.

I continued on up the road past the Gatehouse to Lullingstone Castle and then the Roman Villa at Eynsford collecting more trads until I reached the railway aqueduct where I found the last cache of the series. Then all I had to do was to get back to the car and get home.

1 Multi 20 Traditional